Monday, March 23, 2020

Stay Connected, Stay Informed and Extend A Helping Hand

CAB has launched this social Internet Blog open to general people and supported by CAB’s vast network to help each other in this dire time of  social alienation due to COVID 19 in North America.

By Krish Ghosh

CAB – The Cultural Association of Bengal, in a recent meeting of their executive committee has discussed the recent COVID -19 pandemic and its impact on our social life in North America besides looming health issues and impending economic situation. Being a community focused organization operating from last half a century in USA & Canada CAB has a huge network of members, well-wishers and patrons at every corner of north America.

Right now, most of the major cities in America under strict control under government directives to maintain only essential services and putting people virtually in-home arrest. Practicing Social distance and self-imposed isolation to stop contamination of the corona virus is very imperative and necessary to keep ourselves safe and the society at this moment.

This is indeed a tough time and all these restrictions make life harder for everybody. During such difficulty and challenging period, we believe we all need to stay connected with each other’s and help whatever way possible.

CAB has decided to initiate a social internet blog where our community members can join and share all relevant information with each other and stay informed. An interactive platform like this will made it easy for our community to stay in touch with each other. During this crisis there is a scarcity of essential medical, protective, and other personal hygiene supplies. Senior citizens of our society often find it hard to get those supplies or locate the sources and availably. Rightful information about local hospitals and healthcare facilities that provide treatment or testing, or guidelines are very decisive in nature, which can be provided by community people with exact knowledge.

From CAB’s vast network of people, we can engage individual in our platform with specific knowledge and expertise starting from healthcare, pharmacy, international travel, immigration, and various other areas who can answer specific queries and might be able to clear confusion. We are planning this social internet blog with a simple objective to stay connected and help each other with meaningful and decisive information.

The proposed blog would be supported by all common browsers, operating platform, including mobile platform. We are trying our best to implement it ASAP and link it in our website and populate through our online digital network.

For further information, please contact Chitta Saha, President Cultural Association of Bengal at